Avalon 2 Slot looks breathtaking! Some of the icons are almost film quality and I find that Microgaming spared no expense and effort in making sure that the Merlin and King Arthur feeling can be felt in all aspects of the game. The developer has actually done a good job of that, unfortunately at the expense of playability.

The basic game can provide quite decent winning combinations. However, we have read some complaints in player forums that they have to go through hundreds and hundreds of game rounds before they trigger the bonus round. This has not been our experience over several days and gaming sessions, and there are also enough decent winnings in the regular base game, although the bonus round is then a lesser problem. The random Merlin feature (which multiplies winnings up to x4) and the expandable Wild symbol on reel 3 can make for some big wins.

There are no less than seven bonus games made in Lord of the Rings / Dungeons and Dragons adventure style, complete with spoken introductions and atmospheric music. The goal is to play all seven rounds in a row and complete the adventure. The bonus rounds are a mixture of click-me games, such as dice rolls to repair the broken Excalibur sword, and free spins, such as the Misty Vale bonus where you select an additional wild symbol and then get 15 free spins. Avalon 2 Slot MICROGAMING RTP 95.92%

The winnings in all these bonus rounds are by and large quite solid. They are not excessively huge but they can be quite satisfying. I’ll go into more detail about each bonus round of the game below, but first I’d like to share some of my thoughts about the features.

The first bonus – The Lake of Legend – gives you 10 dice throws to forge the Excalibur Sword. Each roll of the dice will also give you a coin prize, even if you have already thrown the number before. Each number you throw will, however, join together a part of the sword. At first, it seems that you can only maximize the coin winnings by completing the sword with the tenth and final roll. But this is not the case. If you make it in less than 10 dice rolls, each remaining role will also give you a generous x6 coin multiplier. Even if it is the first bonus round, it is the one that pays best, better than some of the later rounds.

The second game, the Hall of Shadows was the most boring and least paying of all final rounds for us. In this game, you have to fight the black knight and win the Holy Grail. However, it is still just a short click-me game where you have to make one of three choices that protect against the Black Knight’s sword attack or break through his defenses. Now that sounds much more exciting than it actually is. It would be much better if the whole round was animated and you could see yourself and the Black Knight. The maximum win I won in this round was 3,900 coins, which was very disappointing.

I personally enjoyed the Dusky Moors round very much. Here you have to discover a pair of helmets, but it is best not to reveal them right away. The longer it takes to find a pair the higher the win multiplier (up to x8). It seems a bit counterproductive to reward something if it takes longer to reach it, but I’m not complaining.

Avalon 2 Slot is the first branded slot where the brand is independent of the existing movie, TV, game, or comic book franchise. Microgaming has invested a lot of time and money to develop something so extraordinary and for the most part, they have succeeded. It is not perfect. It would be nice if it were possible to choose which bonus game you could play next time you finished the adventure. And of course, the gameplay is also very slow, no matter how great your graphics card is.

Nevertheless, Avalon 2 is a high quality medium variance slot with high winning potential and we give the game a high rating. I suppose this slot will polarize a bit, but we are big fans and this review should show that!

Avalon 2 Slot

Wild symbol: The Avalon 2 symbol is the wild symbol. It stands for all other symbols except for the Lady of the Lake and the Holy Grail.

Scatter symbol: The holy grail. Two or more Holy Grail symbols somewhere on the reels give a cash prize. 2 Holy Grail symbols give x1 of the bet, 3 give x5 of the bet, 4 give x20 of the bet and 5 x100.

Mistress of the Lake expandable wild symbol: this can only appear on reel 3. It expands and then occupies the entire reel for additional winnings.

Merlin: Merlin can appear randomly under the rollers. He then gives either a cash prize or a multiplier of up to x4.

Bonus features: there are 7 bonus games divided into adventures. The bonus games are triggered by 3 or more holy grail scatter symbols. If you have played a bonus round and trigger a bonus feature next time, you will play the next one in a row.

Lake of Legend: Throw the dice to assemble the mythical sword Excalibur. Each unique dice roll gives you a coin prize and adds a fragment of the sword. The coin price is multiplied by x1 to the number on the dice. For example, if you roll a 5, your price is x5 of the bet, roll a 3 and you get three times your bet, etc. Players have 10 dice throws to put the sword together. If dice rolls are left over, they pay x6, and putting Excalibur together gives a x15 bet price.

Misty Vale: At the beginning of this round you choose one of the character symbols, which then becomes an additional wild symbol. You then get 15 free spins. The selected wild symbol has an additional x2 multiplier.

Whispering Woods: Triggering another bonus round gives you the choice between the Whispering Woods or the Forest Falls feature.

Whispering Woods is a click-me bonus game. Choose one of five shields shown to you by the White Knight. You can change your mind twice. After that, the shield will give you a prize.

Forest Falls: 20 free spins. The Avalon 2 Wild symbol will turn other symbols into Wild as it glides across the reels. This round cannot be retriggered.

Dusky Moors: You have to find you a couple of helmets of the same type to win a prize. The winning multiplier (x2-x8) increases every time you don’t reveal the second helmet of the pair. The multiplier is applied when you uncover the second helmet of the pair.

Morgans Keep: 20 free spins with rolling rollers. The symbols of a winning combination disappear and are replaced by new symbols that fall from the top, allowing for potential new wins. There is a win multiplier (x2-x8) for each consecutive win. This round cannot be retriggered.

Hall of Shadows: Fight the Black Knight to get the Holy Grail. For every defensive maneuver or attack, you make, you will be rewarded with a prize. Successful defensive maneuvers and attacks give you bigger prizes, as does the devastating blow to the Black Knight.

Isle of Avalon: The adventure ends on the island of Avalon with the Wheel of Avalon round. Spin the Wheel of Fortune to win prizes. The prizes on each wheel are added up to a multiplier. The total win is then calculated based on your bet size.

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