Cyrus the Virus slot

You probably never saw a virus before until you looked at Cyrus the Virus from Yggdrasil! This sick 5-reel 10 payline game will make you cough up your lungs as you battle all kinds of contagious viruses, while also giving you the chance to win up to 20,000 coins in a single spin!

The graphics in Cyrus the Virus are drawn quite simply in the cartoon target, like a child’s drawing, which fits really well in these games. There are pale green and blue tones in the background and different viruses are brought to life here in animated sequences when winning. The music is average, but the game is accompanied by funny sound effects.

The bets in the Cyrus the Virus slot range from €0.10 up to a maximum of €40 and you can choose coin values from €0.01 up to €4. The theoretical payback to players is 96.3%.

There are not really many features in the game, but that does not mean that it is impossible to win. What makes the game special are the 5 pay lines from left to right and the 5 pay lines that are scored from right to left. In addition, the game also has an expandable wild symbol. This can appear on the middle reel in a game round and then attack the other symbols to spread to the other fields, much like a virus. You then get a free re-spin, which gives you another chance to win. The game has no scatter symbols, bonus games, or other special features.

You can also play the slot on mobile devices, different iOS and Android devices are supported. It is best to play under the blanket when you are sick! What I liked is the simplicity of the graphics and that the game does not take itself too seriously. The sound effects also made me laugh more than once. The expandable wild symbol also appears quite often and you can collect great prizes with it. This game is worth trying!

Cyrus the Virus Slot

Wild symbol: The Wild symbol may appear on the third reel and it then expands to the entire reel, infecting the other symbols. In addition you will then get a free re-spin.

Free spins: If you get a wild symbol, you get a free re-spin for more chances to win.

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