Based on the fantastic Batman movie of the same name, The Dark Knight Rises Slot has a lot to live up to. The first impression: it is definitely very dark! And of course, this fits very well with the theme of the movie and the game. Besides the usual J, Q, and K symbols there is also a symbol with Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Selina, Bane, and other characters from the movie. The game looks great and the movie sequences when you have a payline (especially when there are five of a kind) really bring the Batman theme to life.

Microgaming has pulled out all the stops on this game. The soundtrack is atmospheric and exciting and gives the game rounds a certain urgency and tension. Likewise, there are also between 5-10 movie clips for each win, so the game doesn’t get boring visually.

The game itself? Well, it’s another 243 winning ways slot machine, and thankfully it’s not just another clone of other Microgaming slots, which of course has been our main concern. The developers have added some unique new features to The Dark Knight Rises that make the basic game more entertaining than many of the other 243 pay-line slots. If you have played the free version, you will surely have noticed that. Dark Knight Rises Slot MICROGAMING RTP 96.43%

Random features:

There are two random features that are built into the normal game.

The first one is triggered (randomly) when no profit is made in a game round. Bane and Batman will then fight. As they beat each other, the number of potential free spins is increased. If you have 20-25 free spins, some of the beats can also give you winning multiples.

The second random feature is one that Microgaming calls ‘Symbol Scramble’. This involves rearranging all the icons on the screen to give you the maximum best winning combinations.

Win in the basic game:

When I played, I noticed that I didn’t lose more than 15 spins and that five of a kind of winnings were more frequent than in other slots. The expandable wild symbol on reel 3 also appeared relatively frequently.

Long story short, the basic game of The Dark Knight Rises slot can give you some great winnings.

Free spins:

The free spins give you a choice between Bane and Batman.

At first glance, the Bane option seems more profitable. It has stacked wild symbols on reels 2 and 4, and when you get a winning combination, a tank will shoot out of the symbols and you will be replaced with new ones. This potentially means more wins, which are more frequent.

In our experience, there is no real difference in winnings between Bane Free Spins and Batman Free Spins. Our highest win of 7,720 coins was in the Batman Free Spins round.

The Dark Knight Rises slot is by far the best, most entertaining, and profitable slot Microgaming has released in a long time. It is a must to play this game.

The Dark Knight Rises Slot

Wild symbol: the Dark Knight Rises logo is the wild symbol in the base game. It replaces all symbols except the scatter symbol.
Expandable Wild: the base game also has an expandable Wild symbol on Reel 3.

Free Spins: Three or more Scatter symbols trigger at least 10 free spins. The players can choose one of two different free spins.

Battle round: is triggered randomly in the normal game. Bane fights Batman for additional free spins and payout multiplication when the free spin round is triggered.

Symbol Scramble: is also triggered randomly in the normal game. This feature resorts the symbols on the reels to give you the maximum possible win.

Bane Free Spins with rolling reels: winning combinations in the Bane round are destroyed and replaced by new symbols. These may allow you to win more. There are also stacked wild symbols on reels 2 and 4.

Batman Free Spins with Extra Wild Blast: Players can choose an extra Wild symbol before the round begins. Extra Wild symbols can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4.

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