Lights Slot NeTent

Lights Slot NeTent. Although Lights Slot was on the Net Entertainment release schedule for 2-3 months under this name, I’m sure it was probably called Fireflies at one point. I don’t know why Netent changed the name, but Fireflies is a name that describes this 9-line slot much better.

The theme of the game is graphically and musically oriental and has lanterns, vases, and Ying Yang symbols, among others. Everything looks a bit gloomy to me. I understand that this is probably intentional, so it’s just a very small point of criticism. The reason why I think Fireflies is a better name for the game is that each game round has between 2 and 4 wild symbols that can float randomly on the reels. The wild symbols themselves look similar to fireflies. Getting these wild symbols in good positions – such as on the first two reels – is of course pure luck. Nevertheless, they are the key to winning in this slot machine.

Lights Slot NeTent RTP 96.10%

The average payout rate to the player is 96.1%, and this shows that there will be many spins with no profit and frustration for the player. There is currently – and I think rightly so – a common opinion among many players that the latest NetEnt slots are quite bad. The most common complaint about this is that the game rounds without winnings are only interrupted by tiny winning rounds. This has led to this phenomenon being called NetEnt Variance and it describes the unique combination of bad payouts and no payouts. Lights Slot will probably not put an end to the debate.

I personally liked the game when I played it. The fact that it’s only a 9-line slot made a big difference for me and because I was only playing a 9-line slot, my bet was much lower.

Sometimes having a little luck with the positioning of the floating wild symbols was enough to keep my interest in the game and make me feel like I could actually win something in the game. In my opinion, however, the Free Spin Bonus Round doesn’t trigger the game often enough. Of course, every slot machine player wants the Free Spins to trigger more often in all slots, but here’s why it should be more frequent in this game:

The only difference between the basic game rounds and free spins is that there are now 3-6 floating wild symbols instead of 2-4 wild symbols. Although this of course increases the odds of winning, the difference is not too big, and the game does not transform from a low pay game into one that promises you absolutely huge winnings. For this reason, more frequent free spins should definitely be available. This is especially true since the scatter symbols only trigger the free spins and cannot give you any other winnings.

For me, the Lights slot machine is an entertaining game, but only for a relatively short time. It’s not a game I will play much in the future but I enjoyed it when I watched it for this report. In the end I had about €30 more than in the beginning, which is always a good sign. If it had been a 20-line or more slot machine I wouldn’t recommend it but with 9 lines the strange NetEnt variance is not a real problem.

Lights Slot

Wild symbol: wild symbols floating between 2-4 appear on every spin in the base game. They can appear in any position on the reels and replace all other symbols except the scatter symbol.

Scatter symbol: the Ying Yang symbol. Three or more trigger the free spins. Three scatters give 10 free spins, four give 20, and five scatter symbols give 30 free spins.

Free spins: three or more Ying Yang symbols. Three will give you 10 free spins, four will give you 20 free spins and five will give you 30 free spins.

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