Spiñata Grande Slot NeTent

Spiñata Grande Slot NeTent. With 40 paylines, an attractive theme, and great graphics, Spiñata Grande Slot is the latest release from Net Entertainment. The game offers different ways to win and some exciting special features. As with most other games from the developer, a lot of time and effort has been invested in creating an appealing game that will not disappoint slot machine lovers who are attracted to theme slots with vivid graphics.

The highlights of this game are the huge reels, which make it very interesting and also allow for many big wins. There is a special reel set in the game and the symbols can take 2×2 and 3×3 positions on the reels. The skull is the wild symbol in the game and as a huge symbol, it can offer the best payouts. Unfortunately, the Wild symbol can only appear on the reels in the Free Spin round.

Spiñata Grande Slot NeTent RTP 96.84%

The Free Spin Bonus Round can be triggered by playing Star symbols in the Mini-Slot Round. To get there you must get an oversized mini slot machine on the reels. Then the bonus game will start. The mini-slot symbol will appear as a giant symbol and you will then play one round on the slot machine, where you can win either an instant win or stars for the free spins. Three stars will give you 5 free spins and during this time you can win more free spins with the Extra Spin symbol.

To satisfy the players, the slot machines must have a fairly high payback to the players, but unfortunately, this cannot be 100%, otherwise, the casino would not make any money. Spiñata Grande slot machine has a payback rate of 96.84% and you will also find that many rounds of play give no winnings at all, which is of course disappointing when you consider the dynamic design of the game. The slot machine is of low variance – so if you are looking for frequent wins, the game is not for you.

Despite the relatively low payback rate, there are exciting features that make up for it if you don’t win every other round. The bonus rounds are exciting and fun, and you can win up to 120,000 coins there. This certainly makes up for the low variance and provides excellent entertainment with different ways to win, although this is of course what many players expect from a slot machine.

Unfortunately, due to the low redemption rate and low variance, the game is not very generous unless the bonus round is triggered. Although this happens quite often, you will probably have to play many rounds of play between bonus rounds.

Although the game is nicely designed and has some nice features, it is not the best of Net Entertainment. As the payout rate for the game is relatively low, it is also one of the worst paying games from this provider, which is of course a bit discouraging.

Spiñata Grande Slot

Wild symbol: The huge wild symbol is the skull that occupies a 3×3 area on the reels and can only appear in the bonus round. It can then replace all standard game symbols.

Free spins: There are 5 free spins at three stars and additional free spins can be won. The free spins are started after the Mini Slot Bonus Game and the Extra Spin symbols with additional free spins.

Bonus Round: The mini-slot is the main bonus round that can trigger 5 free spins. The Mini Slot starts when a huge bonus symbol appears somewhere on the reels. The area of the symbol will then turn into a mini-slot where there are coins and free spins to win.


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