Steam Tower Slot NeTent

Steam Tower Slot NeTent. Steam Tower Slot is a steampunk slot from Net Entertainment, inspired by the Victorian era of the 19th century. Those who grew up with the hit movie Wild Wild West starring Will Smith will surely feel a little nostalgic when they see the steampunk design of the slot because that’s what’s most important here. Personally I didn’t like this Will Smith so much, but I hope that this slot will change my mind.

The goal in the game is to free the princess from the highest floor of the tower. Unfortunately, a rather spirited dragon stands between you and the big wins – sorry, I mean the princess, of course. The symbols on the reels include the eye of a dragon, the male hero, the princess, the tower, and a normal jack – ace symbols.

Steam Tower Slot NeTent RTP 97.00%

Steam Tower slot machine has a fantastic multi-layered multiplier level system. Unfortunately, the fun factor in this game is limited and if you don’t trigger the Free Spins Bonus Round it feels like you have played for free. But if you are lucky and make it to the Free Spins Bonus Round, the real action will only start there – but of course not if you drop out early. In the beginning, I had high expectations for this slot and I liked the idea of levels for multipliers. But the game is not very deep and I don’t think it’s a game that will keep players busy for long.

Steam Tower Slot

Wild symbol: the grappling gun and the hero. The Wild symbols can be substituted for any other symbol. This slot also comes with stacked wild symbols that show the full picture of the hero. If you have one or more of these stacked Wild symbols on the reels in the base game, you will trigger the Free Spin Bonus Round. You start with 10 free spins and swing up to the first floor of the tower.

Free spins: one or more stacked wild symbols. You get 10 free spins and climb to the first floor of the tower. If during the free spin bonus round one or more normal wild symbols appear on the reels then you will get two additional free spins and the hero will move to the next higher level. This can continue until you reach the 16th floor, the highest floor of the tower.

But the wild free spins bonus round does not stop there. A multiplier is applied to all winnings of the free spins and the value of this multiplier depends on which floor of the Steam Tower you are on. For example, if you are on the first three levels you will receive a multiplier of x2. If you are on floors 4-6 then the value of the multiplier is increased to x3. For floors 4-9 the multiplier value is x4, for floors 10-12 it is increased to x5 and for floors 13-15 the multiplier value is x6. At the top of the tower at floor 16 the multiplier is x7 and all winnings of this round are multiplied accordingly.




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