Slots that are film adaptations, such as Terminator 2 slot, are one way to guarantee the success of the game. People will definitely try it, and the familiarity of the characters is a sure way to encourage slot machine lovers to continue playing. However, this does not mean that players will continue to play in the future. The slot machine must be very well suited for this.

Since the developers probably paid very high license fees to the movie studio behind Terminator 2 Slot, the return factor is even more important because it guarantees that players will come back to the game.

Graphically, Terminator 2 slot is a bit dark and it looks a bit confusing. Dark and gloomy would fit, dark and confused but not so much. So what’s with the check, cross, pick, and heart symbols – were they really necessary? But let’s move on to the more important things. Terminator 2 Slot MICROGAMING RTP 96.62%


Maybe my expectations of the 243 winning ways slot are a bit high, but in my opinion, Terminator 2 Slot seems a bit boring at first.

For example, the base game promises a randomly triggered T-800 Vision feature that can be launched at the end of a game round where there was no win. My experience is that this happens quite rarely. But when you get it, it is a beautifully designed and well thought out bonus game.

You get the effect of infrared vision from the eyes of a terminator and you get a cash prize for each of the five best paying symbols that appear on the reels. But what’s even better is if there is a scatter symbol on the reels, because then the T-800 feature will trigger the free spins. It is a great bonus game, but it should happen more often.

If you put that aside, the basic game seems to be a bit listless, to be honest. There are some nice movie sequences when there are five-one-type wins, but on the whole, the game doesn’t shine very much. I think a few more T2 Wild symbols would make a big difference.

No matter how you get there, the free spin is a real winner and transforms the Terminator 2 slot game from mediocre to really good. Not only do you move from a 243 payline slot machine to a new reel set with 1024 paylines, but the T-1000 symbol changes to a wild symbol, which changes to the symbol with the highest payout possibility.

Although you can only get 10 free spins and the round cannot be re-triggered, the winnings come fast and huge. So it is a free spin feature that can really pay off. What’s even better is that in my experience the game has been triggered relatively often, more than what you would expect. I received it every 70-75 game rounds or so.
In conclusion, I can say that Terminator 2 has a high return factor after all. But play it long enough to get to the free spins, because then you will see what I mean. It’s not the visual feast you would like to see, but it’s a better slot machine than you would expect.

Terminator 2 Slot

Wild symbol: T2 is the wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols but not the scatter symbol.

Scatter symbol: the energy ball scatter. Can appear on any reel. Three or more scatter symbols trigger the free spin.

Free spins: 10 free spins are started with a 1024 payline reel set. The T-1000 symbol will change to the symbol with the highest payout to make the highest possible win possible. The free spin round cannot be retriggered.

Bonus games: T-800 Bonus. This can be triggered randomly after every spin that did not result in a win. The screen will then show the Terminator infrared vision and give you a cash prize for each of the top five paying symbols. If a scatter symbol is displayed, the free spin will start.

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