The Invisible Man Slot NeTent

The Invisible Man NeTent. NetEnt presents players with the Invisible Man Slot, which is based on the science fiction movie from 1933. The movie in turn was based on a novel published in 1897. Thanks to NetEnt, players can now move through this extraordinary slot machine in this science fiction world.

The Invisible Man is considered one of the best horror movies of its time. In the movie, the audience watched a mad scientist who found out a quite dangerous way to make himself invisible. However, he paid his price for this, because the drugs he used also gave him a very aggressive temperament.

The Invisible Man Slot NeTent RTP 96.40%

In this unique licensed slot, players can enjoy sounds and graphics that are true to the real movie, making it a unique experience for the player. The animations are of great quality, which of course helps to make The Invisible Man Slot more attractive.

As for the slot machine itself, the paylines are bidirectional, there are re-spins free spins, wild symbols, running wild symbols and two bonus games. In the base game, Free Spins and Police Free Spins, the Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols for the best possible combination. The Police Wild symbols can appear on Reel 1 and then move horizontally one reel to the right, and in return, the Griffin Wild symbols appear on Reel 5 and then move horizontally one reel to the left (on each re-spin).

If you get a Griffin and a Police Wild symbol in the same position the symbols will join together and start the free spin feature where you will get 10 free spins. If more Wild symbols join together during these free spins, you will receive four additional free spins. You will also see two bars above the reels – these refer to the Wild symbols that appear in the free spins. The corresponding bar fills up when either a Griffin or Police Wild symbol appears and each bar has eight squares. When one of these two bars is filled, the corresponding bonus game is started, which then starts right after the free spins.

The Police Spins bonus game will give you 3 game rounds where 5 Burning Wild symbols will appear randomly on the reels in each game round. The Griffin Rage bonus game takes place in three locations where you have to click five times to win prizes consisting of coins and multipliers and a symbol that ends the level. If you are lucky, you can get a multiplier of up to x4.

Net Entertainment has a solid track record for slot machines based on classic movies. In this game, I’ve been particularly taken with the wild symbols, and the fact that there’s not only a free spins bonus round but also two real bonus games on top of it, is of course fantastic. But I still found that the wild symbols were not very common in the game and it was a bit slow. The bonus games can only be triggered by the Free Spins Bonus Round, which means that there’s kind of an all-or-nothing atmosphere in this game. If you are lucky, it is a game that can make players very happy, but it can also happen that it becomes one of the most frustrating slot machines of the year.

Invisible Man Slot

Wild symbol: wandering wild symbols: Police-Wilds and Griffin-Wilds. Not only do the Wild symbols replace other symbols to complete winning combinations, but they will also move to the next reel in the next spin until they disappear from the reels. This is then the Wild symbol moving effect. In addition, there is also a free re-spin when a wild symbol appears on the reels. This allows you to get some decent payouts when you get more than one Wild symbol on the reels.

Free spins: Yes, triggered in the bonus round and the main game.

Bonus Round: is triggered when two Wild symbols on the reels collide while moving to the next reel. Then the two Wild symbols will join together to create a new Wild symbol. You will then receive 10 free spins for each pair of colliding Wild symbols. These free spins are also the key to triggering the bonus games in this slot machine. During the free spins, you must collect certain symbols which will then trigger the corresponding bonus game. There are two bars above the screen that show you when you trigger the bonus game. The bar that is full first will be the bonus game that you receive.

Click me bonus game: You will see a new screen showing three different locations: the local pub, a manor house, and a train station. In each location, you must click on random objects to reveal cash winnings and multipliers. However, one of the objects will randomly reveal a police siren, and if you click on that object, the level is over. You must, therefore, avoid the police siren.

Police Spins Bonus: once triggered, you will receive three free spins with five Burning Wild symbols. These five Wild symbols will then appear randomly on the reels for each of these three game rounds, completing winning combinations that can earn you big cash prizes.


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